Geological formations and underground riches found underground (coal, metallic mine, natural gas, oil, etc.) operations performed to drill wells to collect information about them and go into production in enterprises are called mine drilling.

MİTTO Consultancy obtains all the permissions obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and required to be obtained from the relevant institutions according to the ownership status of the site in the fastest and most applicable way in line with its technical and official competence to conduct exploration work in the relevant mine or geothermal water license.

Besides, MITTO Consultancy offers options to field owners along with solution partners in drilling applications and equipment.

According to the purpose of drilling;

Exploration drilling: drilling is done to determine whether substances (underground natural riches) that are intended to be searched exist underground.
Development drilling: these are drilling operations to determine the size of any underground natural wealth that has been detected and to determine the distribution area of the substances it contains. These are also called ‘detection Wells’.
Production drilling: these wells are drilled according to a specific plan (such as oil, natural gas, water, sulfur deposits) to produce from a specified bed.
Auxiliary drilling: these drillings are performed to provide some conditions necessary for the operation of the bed.