Forest Authorisation
Forest Authorisation
Forest Authorisation

The projects which are required to get permissions issued by 16-17-18 and 57th articles of Forest Law numbered 6831 according to 66th article of “Regulations About Permissions on Regions Considered to be Forest”  are prepared meticulously  by forest engineers studied with us in contact with 27 Regional Directorate of Forestry for companies to operate in forest areas.


Our Consulting Subjects


  • • Investigation of ownership and road situation through field survey
  • • Determination of operation and facility regions
  • • Mining Field, Research Exploitation Infrastructure, Arrangement of Facility Permission File
  • • Mining Field Rehabilitation Projects
  • • Mining and Petroleum Research and Exploitation File Arrangement and Consulting (Excavation not required)
  • • Exploitation Facility Infrastructure Facility Permission Files
  • • (HPP) Hydroelectric Power Plant Forest Permission and Consulting
  • • (WPP) Wind Energy Plant Forest Permission and Consulting
  • • (ETL) Energy Transmission Line Forest Projects Permission and Consulting
  • • Wind Measuring Unit Permission File Arrangement
  • • Mine and Quarry Forest Permission and Consulting
  • • Specific Forestation Projects
  • • Tourism Facility Forest Permission File