Geophysical Survey Practices (MASW, Seismic Refraction / Reflection, Microtremor)


Geophysical surveys (MASW, Seismic Refraction/Reflection, Microtremor) in scope of determination of the geophysical properties of the units within the investigation area, ability to carry the superstructure load without collapse-slipping, underground layer thickness, effects of earthquake on the superstructure, ground magnification and natural oscillation calculations, determination of excavation, dynamic-flexibility parameters and dynamic strength properties, producing the project that offers the most affordable solution with sufficient safety and interpreting it together with land works and reporting these works according to the norms are performed.

The measurements made by the selections according to the nature of the research are prepared in a graph form. The locations where geophysical measurements are taken are marked according to their coordinates on the topographic map in a scale suitable for the purpose of the work. The number of measurements made in the field is determined as application for seismic study, number of profiles and their lengths (in meters), point number for microtremor measurement.

With Seismic Masw and Refraction practices; Seismic velocities (VP, VS), static and dynamic elasticity parameters in-situ, thickness and depth of the layers passed, Density, Poisson Ratio, Shear Modulus, Modulus of Elasticity and Bulk Modules of the layers are determined with the help of empirical relations.

With the microtremor application, the natural vibration period of the ground, its ground shaking damping or amplification coefficient, is performed by using a microtremor device that enables the recording of ground vibrations with periods varying from 0.05-2 seconds and amplitudes between 0.01-1 microns, consisting of natural or artificial factors. Measurements are made in three components (east-west, north-south and vertical) between the times when the industrial noise is the least, and with the most accurate and high-precision records are received.

Mitto Consultancy; Thanks to its multidisciplinary engineer staff and academic advisors with long-term cooperation, we are able to carry out the Geotechnical Survey Practices that you need accurately and create complete reports in accordance with the standards.