As MITTO Consultancy, we provide business identification/feasibility and economic assessment services, including detailed mine design and mine settlement planning, production timing, and equipment selection for opencast management and underground mine management.

Operating project license holder prepared by authorized legal entities under the responsibility of the mining engineer within two months from the payment of the tender price for the Group I subparagraph (b) and II.Group (a) and (c) mines and until the expiry of the exploration license for other mining groups by the General Directorate. It is obligatory to submit the documents regarding the financial adequacy required for the implementation of the project together with the project and the document indicating that the operating license base amount has been deposited in the account of the relevant accounting unit to record revenue in the general budget. Otherwise, the request is denied.

As part of the business project, information about the legal status of the license and the type of mine requested, and the area of the permit are indicated.

Within the scope of the project, detailed information about the location, rationale, investment process, and termin plan of the project must be presented.

Within the scope of the project, it is necessary to provide detailed information about the features of the mineralization in the field, its boundaries, visible, probable, possible, and operable reserves, as well as regional and detailed geological information about the area where the enterprise will be established, as well as information about the infrastructure, ownership and permit scopes.
With the operation project, profitability analyzes are made in line with the characteristics of the ore to be produced in the field, market situation, place of use, establishment, and similar information, and its contribution to both the national economy and the local economy is examined.

Also, environmental and social impacts are evaluated together with the business to be carried out and the scenarios of the opening and closing process are evaluated with the limit measures of the legislation based on both plans and in writing.

Business projects are prepared following the principles of Annex 14 of the regulation on the implementation of mining activities.