With the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Opening a Business and Working Licenses, which was put into effect with the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 10/08/2005 and numbered 2005/9207 and published in the official gazette dated 03/07/2011 and numbered 27983, new regulations were made with the Regulation.

For mining production activities and temporary facilities in the license area based on these activities, business and working licenses are issued by the special provincial administrations. Real or legal persons who want to produce based on mining production activities and temporary facilities connected to these activities apply to the special provincial administration by filling out the sample form.


Business and working licenses issued jointly or separately for mining production activities within the scope of non-sanitary enterprises and temporary facilities where production is made based on these activities include the area within the EIA coordinates for mining activities within the scope of EIA and the entire mining license area and temporary facilities for mining activities other than that.


Mineral exploration activities are not subject to a workplace opening and working license. However, if production is carried out within the search license period, it is necessary to obtain a license to open and work in a workplace.

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