Rehabilitation Project


By integrating the mining activities with a continuously implemented closure and recovery plan, we ensure that the negative social, economic and environmental impacts from mining activities are minimized.


During the entrity of the mining operations, it is inevitable that there will be some changes in the land, mainly in the topography, flora and fauna, surface and groundwater of the land, basically the areas where mining work is carried out, especially due to opencast mining work. The goal of rehabilitation projects is to minimize these changes throughout mining operations with appropriate environmental management.


The Rehabilitation Project is prepared under the Forest Law No. 6831 to re-arrange the natural structure of the area where mining activities are carried out, to establish the natural balance, and to make the area safe for people or other living creatures.

MİTTO Consultancy, as a part of the mine closure and rehabilitation projects:




* Protection of natural and cultural environment
* Field characterization
* Partial filling of the open furnace or reducing the incline of the slope by breaking the slopes
* Closing of gallery entrances in under ground enterprises
* Ore preparation and enrichment facilities and construction site, administrative buildings, etc. demolition and dismantling of auxiliary units
* Ground arrangement
* Removing the rust or breaking its slopes
* Mineral waste characterization and management
* Construction of mine waste projects
* Inspection of surface waters
* Dewatering
* Proper afforestation
* Environmental Management and monitoring

It offers a professional consulting service about the issues mentioned above with a staff of multidisciplinary engineers who are experts in their field.