Stability Analysis

Slope Stability Analysis

January open Businesses, Pass Dump Areas, waste storage facilities and heap leach fields for designing the geometry of the structure to be made for drilling or underground mining galleries, the main orientation of rock discontinuities, direction, branch, kiriklilik, openness, nutty, faulting characteristics such as the type of filler to develop the adequate number and length of the vertical angle (90°), the cylinder receiving the core during drilling and core drilling methodically orientation” method by applying the drilling operations are performed.


Especially in areas where slope shifts/wedges are observed, the data of drilling opened by Core Orientation method is logged in detail, the drilling is correlated and the final slope geometry and position of open January slopes are decided according to the rock orientation determined by core orientation data (directions where discontinuities are polarized). Thanks to these methods, the final design/geometry of the slopes will be decided, preventing possible slope shifts/wedges with appropriate geometry and orientation.


Stress-Deformation Analysis

Determining the deformation of individual and uniform loads affecting the foundation floors in advance, estimating the stresses and displacements they create in the ground environment will give an advantage to project teams and practitioners closely related to this issue. Because the soils have a complex structure, these stresses are determined by computer programs in terms of both reliability and consistency in order to perform realistic stress-strain analyses and to reflect these results into the application process. In accordance with the theory of elasticity, the vertical and horizontal displacements of the structure are determined by the finite element method.