The National Mineral Reserves and Resource Reporting Commission, whose abbreviation is “UMREK” was established in order to report mining exploration and operation activities carried out in mine sites in accordance with international standards and to ensure that these reports are accurate, reliable and transparent. With the UMREK system, the evaluation, management and planning of our natural resources will ensure the tracking and development of the data obtained as a result of the mining activities, while the domestic and foreign investors will be able to make their investments safely with accurate reporting on reliable mining data. In order to develop cooperation in economic and technical fields and to benefit from knowledge, good manners and mutual technologies on these issues, Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy Professionals Association was established to bring together domestic and international professionals operating in the field of earth sciences, mining and metallurgy, to develop cooperation between its members and to cooperate with the National Mineral Resource and Reserves Commission (UMREK).

Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy Professionals Association is a national, private, independent and non-profit association representing institutions and professionals operating in the mining sector in Turkey. The Association aims to promote sustainable development in the mining sector and better health and safety practices, also it aims to encourage research and development and the use of the best available technologies. In addition to discussing the difficulties encountered in the mining industry, the exchange of ideas and information is also very important for YERMAM. Another main purpose is to increase the technological capability of human resources in the mining sector. Such an association will greatly influence other countries to establish such an association and it will draw attention of the foreign investments to the Turkey’s mining and geological sector it will make Turkey recognized by the International Reporting Standards Committee (CRIRSCO). The recognition of UMREK Code, which was developed by National Mineral Resources and Reserves Commission, by CRIRSCO in full accordance with the international standards will give birth to the creation of a professional organization of independent experts and in this regard ”Competent Persons” that will award Certificates, and these will be great steps and integration into the global geology and mining community of Turkey experts will be ensured. The primary priority of YERMAM is to help industry experts gain more advanced knowledge with the UMREK Code and to help to improve the skills of Turkish Professionals.


Our Geological Engineer Surveyor M. Onur Ayaz is a member of YERMAM, Geology (Hydrogeology) Engineer EIA Reporter Engin Erkan is a member of YERMAM, Our Mining and Permits Unit Chief Ayşe Yıldırım is a member of YERMAM, Our Geotechnical and Land Unit Coordinator Erman Konuklu is a member of YERMAM, Our Business Development Director Oytun Çolak is a member of YERMAM, Our General Coordinator is Meltem Tapan is a YERMAM Environmental and Social Communication Comission Member, Our Chairman of the Board Şahin Özdemir UMREK Qualified Person (QP) and YERMAM Professional member.