The engineering structures which enable the management of the wastes resulting from the processing of the mines from their production to the final disposal without harming the environment and human health are called Waste Storage Facilities. This engineering structure aims to make mine wastes and / or wastewater within the designed area impossible to interact with nature.Waste Storage Facilities, which are one of the most sensitive structures of a facility, are designed taking into consideration the seismicity, meteorology, hydrological and hydrogeological characteristics of the region, geological and geotechnical parameters. Otherwise, leakage, leaks and spills, body instability problems, large scale pollution problems and the environment and people face a serious threat.


In accordance with the Regulation on Mine Wastes, which has entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 15/07/2015 and numbered 29417 and Regulation on Waste Management, which entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 02.04.2015 and numbered 29314, and other relevant national legislations with taking the international standards into consideration, Mitto Consulting offers its clients professional consultancy services.


• Basemap Studies,

• Geological and Geotechnical Services,
• Hydrological and Hydrogeological Studies,
• Earthquake Risk Analysis,
• Dam Site Selection and 3D Designs,
• Dam Auxiliary Designs (Derivation Channels, Groundwater Conservation Structures, Sedimentation Pools, Impermeability Systems)