Water Quality

It is very important that the natural structure of underground and surface waters does not deteriorate during mining activity. Therefore, water monitoring should be carried out at periodic intervals before, during and after mining activity. The aim of the water monitoring study is to determine the water quality as a reference before the activity and to monitor the water quality changes that may occur during the activity and to intervene when necessary. This work is carried out by considering the principles required by the Ministry and institutions.


Depending on the type of activity to be performed, it may be necessary to determine the characterization of the waters. These are cases such as the detection of geothermal waters, the determination of the sustainability of the water to be supplied, the work on the solution of the hydrogeological system and the relations of the waters with each other. Geochemical and hydrogeochemical parameters of waters are measured in these purposeful cases. These measurements can be physical parameters, dominant anion-cations, isotopes, trace elements, total/dissolved metals, and bacteriological parameters.